Searching for your next hire? We can help you to effectively source entry-level positions through to senior leadership roles on a temporary or permanent basis across Lancashire, Manchester/Greater Manchester and Merseyside regions. Read More Preston Recruit Looking for sensible fees? Preston Recruit is a privately owned business and it does not label itself as a Recruitment Agency. With that; the fees/rates charged are very sensible and well below ‘high-street levels’! Read More

Why Preston Recruit?

I simply get the job done!

No complicated requests, no 27-page job specifications nor a 4-month waiting time.

No ifs, no buts, no rip-off fees!

I personally know the extortionate fees being charged by some agencies out there. I don’t believe these fees are ethically correct nor is there 7 people being paid between you and the recruiter so I can charge much lower fees. A win for you is a win for me as well.

Direct and straightforward

Say goodbye to random fluff, 10 page long emails or 5-hour phone calls. Positions need to be filled ASAP and I find that my direct, straightforward & to the point approach works extremely well. Ask the people I’ve worked with!

I cover the market

I cover the whole of the digital arena when it comes to the roles that are recruited for; everything from Web Design & Development right through to all Digital Marketing/SEO/Paid Search roles and everything in between. This also includes Software eDevelopment & IT specific roles.

30+ Recommendations & 100s of Roles Filled


Me talking about myself is all roses and rainbows, here’s what others say:

Speak to me

Speak to me first to get an understanding of how Preston Recruit operates, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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